We are a multi-faceted organization focused on youth development through the medium of martial arts. We offer fun activities which help to develop a positive self-image and foster health, fitness, and leadership.

We believe that our Christian faith is the best foundational guide for our programs and curriculum and rely on that faith to guide us for our program development.

Our organization utilizes the martial arts as a path for development of the mind, body and spirit. We focus on providing for our students instruction that enables an outlet for enrichment, artistic expression and health through the martial arts. Our company name is actually an acronym for a few traits which we feel are important to setting goals and achieving success.

 –  ASPIRE.   aspire to achieve great things.  Dream and set goals.

I  –  INTEGRITY, have the integrity to look at yourself through clear eyes.  Know your limitations and set achievable goals.

M  –  MAINTAIN, keep your chin up but don’t walk around with your head in the clouds. Maintain a sense of control.  Think before you speak and know when to speak before you act. Passion is a great fire for motivation but not so good at reason.  Be careful not to get burned!

H  –  HELP, “No one gets anywhere alone.”  Graciously accept help from others.  Kindness through help fortifies the soul.  By the way, it works both ways, giving help is just as powerful as getting help!

I  –  INSPIRE, when things get hard, DON’T GIVE UP!!!  Let yourself be inspired.  Inspiration is the “ace in the hole” when things get tough.  Whenever you get the chance, inspire others.  They might return the favor when you least expect it!

G  –  GOALS, you cannot go anywhere without three essential things; a beginning, an end and a pathway from one to another.  Clearly defined goals are important to achieving anything.  Learn how to set them and create the path to their fulfillment.

H  –  HONOR, always act with honor.  If your thoughts and actions are honorable, you will be able to combat doubt and fear.  An honorable heart is the fertile soil in which courage grows.

This is what we were inspired by through our faith and our years of civil and military service and it is what guides us at A.I.M.H.I.G.H. Academy.